What Roy Gilsing Design can offer you.

Every design project is a new challenge and often requires a new approach, but in general the industrial design process is characterized by a sequence of specialized activities. These can follow a linear order, or a more iterative pattern. Roy Gilsing Design can offer you the following services:


Most projects start with an overall design question or problem that needs to get resolved. In that case a creative idea or concept needs to be generated that forms the backbone of the rest of the development. This can be fueled by research, mood boards, market analysis or any other source of inspiration or insight that defines the red thread throughout the project.


In order to solve the puzzle, or to express what the mind is thinking, a sketch phase may be part of the process. The sketches might be used to convince others or are just intended for internal discussion. Sometimes the sketch is the end result by itself, but more often it forms the start of the design process.


Designing is not just the act of creating a shape or a drawing. It also comprises invention, functionality, usability, configuration, material selection, mechanics, assembly, manufacturing techniques, finishing, coloring, etc. The integration of these into an intuitive, sensible design is the key challenge, and often defines the success of the project.

3D CAD modelling

For the manufacturing of a mass product a proper 3D CAD model is essential. At some point the product just needs to be computer generated in order to get the right shape and part detailing communicated to the manufacturer. Translating the intricacies of the design into a fully detailed 3D computer model is a key factor in the design process.


For Roy Gilsing Design a design isn’t successful until it works, in all the ways it was intended to on the drawing board. Therefore, engineering is a key part of the process. It enables to turn ideas into reality, without compromising on quality, aesthetics, functionality or durability. Throughout the years Roy Gilsing Design has gained experience in engineering for manufacturing in plastics, metals, wood, ceramics and fabrics.


A proper computer rendering is almost indistinguishable from a high quality photograph. Renderings are an integrated part of the process of design iteration. Each 3D model can be rendered for evaluation purposes, but the rendering can also be used for pack shots or other graphic expressions.


Another tool for evaluating a design is prototyping. A scaled or a real size model can give a better or different impression than a drawing or a rendering. But it can also be an integral part of the iterative design process. 3D printing can be done in-house whereas more exotic materials or finishes can be outsourced.


Sometimes the client is the manufacturing company, but most of the time the manufacturer is a different company that is sourced or chosen for their capabilities, location, or quotation. Roy Gilsing Design can help with qualifying and selecting the right manufacturer for the job. The communication, coordination and exchange of technological details are part of this service.