Roy Gilsing

Industrial designer (MSc.) with 25 years of working experience.



Even as a young boy, Roy Gilsing was drawn to science fiction, as a source of boundless technical possibilities. Letting his imagination run free, he has always expressed his ideas in sketches but eventually followed his urge to refine these images and turn them into plans. This led Roy to study Industrial Design Engineering at the Technical University of Delft, where he received his Master’s of Science (cum laude) in 1995. He entered the work force as a designer in the marketing department of General Electric Plastics. After freelancing in Argentina in consumer products and retail, he returned to the Netherlands in 2001 to join WAACS design & consultancy full-time. There he was senior designer and project leader for more than 6 years. In February of  2008 Roy chose to pursue his creative freedom and launch his own firm, through which he continues to define his personal vision of design.


As a designer, Roy has made it his task to turn ideas into reality. This means finding a balance between two extremes: technical requirements and limitations on one hand and creative renewal on the other. It is this openness of mind and a dogged determination that Roy brings to every project, relying on intuition and experience to find simple, elegant solutions to each unique challenge. This instinct combined with his technical proficiency at using the required software and other tools allows him to offer a comprehensive range of services at his firm. You can read more about the services here.